Half Marathon Training - Avoiding Injuries Edition 

It is no secret that I am kind of awesome at injuring myself. Sometimes I believe it’s because my genetic make up sucks. I have poor control, I’m hypermobile and full of knots. But I know that in the past injuries have reared their ugly heads because I have either done too much exercise, not looked after myself post exercise properly, or a combination of the two. I think basically everyone in the world is guilty (at some point) of being all “oh I just did a big workout, it hurts to move, I’m just going to lie here forever”. And then they forget to stretch or roll and bad things happen. This has been me too often and it just can’t be me again!

I would love. love. love. love. to get through this year without any injuries. Tight muscles I can deal with. But injuries that prevent me from running or crossfitting? I want nothing to do with them this year. So I am in hardout injury prevention mode, and I plan on remaining this way for basically the rest of my life. Tricky, but I’m willing to give it a try. 

So! Every day I am stretching, foam rollering (complete with adorable puppy audience and babetown frog pyjamas), trigger point releasing basically every muscle in my body, but particularly my legs and bum, spiky ball releasing my glutes. Also! mobility classes at crossfit once a week and (even though they aren’t that long at the moment, I’m a firm believer that it helps) ice baths after long runs (ps. I can’t wait until I move and can sit in a real bath for an ice bath and not a plastic tub, but HOLLA cause my butt fits in a plastic tub. seriously. There were concerns that it wouldn’t). 

Please, world, let all this work assist me to remain pain, injury and bad mood free!