Half Marathon Training - Week 8, Day 7 - 17km Run (*17.7!km!)

I’ve been having bouts of extreme self doubt lately. It’s strange and hard to explain. Because I know I can run long distances, I’ve been doing it weekly for a while now. And my friends and family all know I’ve run the long distances. So it’s strange when I spend at least the 3 days before a long run thinking and talking about how there is absolutely no idea I can run as far as my schedule is expecting me to, even when it is only 1km longer than my previous longest distance during this training plan. All I can say is thank goodness my worries are not true and I can, in fact, run long distances.

The weather here has been atrocious lately. Rain. All the time. I’m not sure if we’ve had a day without at least one shower for months. I’m happy for it to shower on me, but not bucket. Mainly because of squelchy shoes, that just isn’t nice. The sky did not look helpful and promising when I started running this morning and it threatened the whole way, but despite a few little showers the world was good to me and I didn’t end up saturated. 

I planned my route to be 17km, but as always, what I plan on the map online never quite computes exactly to where my legs take me. So I got to the 17km and wasn’t back to my car yet. I thought to myself “you can walk it, or you can run it, either way you have to get back to your car, and running will get you there faster”. So I just kept going. Which again, reassures me that in exactly two weeks (eeeeek.) when I’m running the half I’m not going to fail. 

Then I ate amaaaazing sourdough fruit toast with honey. And now I have a lazy day planned of watching crappy television and hanging out in my hospital grade compression socks that the wonderful Stef sent me to try out for recovery before spending an outrageous amount of money on exercise compression socks. I’m living the good life. 

17.7km - 2 hours, 4 minutes, 37 seconds.